Reunion in Germany


Reunion in Germany – Today we will learn about the file of papers required for family reunification in Germany, in addition to the duration of the family reunification procedures in Germany, as well as the reasons for refusing to reunite in Germany and some points related to this topic.

Reunion in Germany

The following are the documents required for wife unification in Germany:

  • Family registration certificate in addition to two copies of the registration document.
  • marriage contract.
  • If the marriage has not yet taken place, proof of the date of registration of the marriage in Germany must be submitted at the Civil Status Department of the German city in which the person resides in Germany.
  • birth certificate.
  • If the reunification in Germany is with an immigrant person for the purpose of work.
  • The person residing outside Germany must prove their language ability to speak German and reach at least level A1 according to the local European Framework of Reference for language learning.
  • Two recent passport size photographs.
  • Bring the original passport, provided that the passport is valid and that the passport contains at least two blank pages, in addition to submitting two copies of the personal data page in the passport.
  • Fill out a form for a German reunification visa or a German national visa with the applicant’s signature.
Reunion in Germany
Reunion in Germany

Family gathering papers in Germany 2022 for a person inside Germany

The person residing in Germany is required to submit some documents to complete the family reunification procedures, and the family reunification papers in Germany required for the procedure are:

  1. Submit a residence permit in Germany.
  2. The person’s birth certificate.
  3. The personal data page of the passport and the passport must be valid.
  4. Proof of owning a residence in Germany by submitting a rental contract in Germany.
  5. The ability to spend on the person to be reunited, such as submitting a document of sources of income in Germany.

The fiancee’s reunion in Germany 2022

In connection with the consolidation of a matchmaker in Germany, all the documents mentioned above must be submitted in addition to the following:

  • The person in Germany makes a warranty pledge with the choice of the Nachgewiesen option.
  • Submit the date for registering the marriage with the Civil Status Authority in Germany.
  • Submit any other documents required by the German authorities.

Reunification costs in Germany

The fee for a family gathering visa in Germany or a long-term German national visa is €75, and this fee is paid in cash during the visa application process.

Duration of family reunification in Germany

The duration of reunification in Germany varies depending on the place of application, for example, Reunion in Germany when applying for family unification at the German embassy in Jordan. The forecast period according to the German authorities is 10 to 12 weeks. On the other hand, if an application for family reunification is submitted at the German Embassy in Beirut, this period may be a little longer.

Book an appointment for a reunion in Germany

After preparing the file of documents required for the reunification of the wife in Germany, an appointment must be booked to submit an application for family reunification at the German embassy.

The appointment is booked either through the Reunion in Germany directly. Or the visa application appointment is booked through the visa services offices officially contracted with the German embassy abroad. Such as my office vfsglobal, the office of tls germany in the Arab countries, and the office of iDATA in Turkey.

Are the documents required for family unification at the German embassy in Lebanon different?

The papers required for family reunification at the Reunion in Germany embassy in Lebanon do not differ from the rest of the papers at the German embassy abroad. Except in very specific cases. As for the application processing time at the German Embassy in Beirut, it may be somewhat longer compared to other German embassies around the world.

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