Learn German step by step – Learn German


Learn German step by step – Learn German, Do you want to learn the German language and do not know what to do or where to start, I offer you the most important tips that you should work with, as they are the summary of years of experience in teaching and learning the German language.

Learn German step by step
Learn German step by step

Learn German step by step – Learn German

In the following lines we will mention Learn German step by step – Learn German:

Practical application and training

  • It is not only books and written lessons that teach the language.
  • Make theoretical education closely linked to practical training and conversations.
  • This is the goal of our site that you learn written lessons and watch videos.
  • And practice it in the form of an electronic test for Learn German step by step.

I enjoy learning German – Learn German step by step

  1. You’re learning of German should be done in a fun way.
  2. You should diversify your language learning resources by listening, for example, to the radio.
  3. In my video, I talked about the Radio.de app to improve listening skills, Learn German step by step.
  4. Pronunciation for German language learners or by watching German films.
  5. Especially German cartoon films directed mainly to children and fun at the same time.
  6. For example, on our YouTube channel, you will find a complete playlist with a good collection of educational German cartoon episodes translated into Arabic.
  7. Among the sources rich in educational film materials are also the famous German channel DW and ARD.

Learn as a child – Learn German step by step

  1. When a child hears a new word, he repeats it without shame or fear of pronouncing it incorrectly.
  2. We hear him and laugh at him because he pronounces it in a funny way and he laughs with us repeating it over and over again, and therefore they are good learners.
  3. A person does not learn except through trial and error, Learn German step by step.
  4. Be as a child, you are not required to know everything and be satisfied with that and learn everything new in the German language.

Know your goal and motivation to learn German

  1. Your goal to learn German may seem obvious to you.
  2. But if it is not strong, you will not complete the journey to learn the German language until you master it.
  3. The stronger your goal, the more eager you are to achieve it, and this is the most important Learn German for beginners.
  4. Know your goals and motives for learning German and get started.

Find a partner with the same goal – Learn German for beginners

  • Matthew Walden speaks 9 languages ​​fluently and understands more than 12 languages. He talks about learning German with his twin brother.
  • He says we were nine years old when we started learning languages.
  • We got excited and my brother was jealous of me at times when I got over him.
  • We were the reason for our success together, as he is my twin in learning languages ​​as well.
  • I think that having a partner in the way of learning the German language is one of the most important motives for rapid learning.

Challenge yourself to make a time plan

  1. There are people who can speak and master German in a short period of time in Learn German Professionally.
  2. And some of them keep learning it without progress for many years. Those who did not set a specific time plan to reach a certain stage in learning the language.
  3. They did not challenge themselves to reach this stage on time.
  4. Set a time plan for each stage of your German learning.
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