Learn German for beginners B1


Learn German for beginners B1 has a great efficiency in learning German grammar and also contains a lot of German vocabulary for beginners, the application offers learning German in a very smooth way.

Learn German for beginners B1

In the following lines, we will mention a group of German learning applications such as Learn German for beginners B1:

Learn German for beginners B1
Learn German for beginners B1

Linguee app to learn German

This app originating from linguee.com features a comprehensive German/English dictionary, which is also available in several other languages. It allows you to search by words and short phrases, and provides multiple translation options.

Example sentences and external sources are also always provided, giving you a glimpse of how words are used in different contexts.

All dictionary entries also contain recordings of pronunciation, and you can also download the Learn German for beginners B1 Dictionaries app the next time you’re stuck navigating the U-Bahn, without WiFi.

The app gives you a fun added bonus if you’re searching for a word, the app will appear with a notification after a few days asking if you remember the translation. This is great for making sure that you actually remember the words you searched for. It is well designed, the interface is easy to use and ad-free.

FluentU app to learn German easily

German language learning apps, the most important of which is a mobile application that brings the German language to life with interactive videos in the real world. It uses music videos, news, movie clips, inspirational talks, and other media to give students an immersive language learning experience.

Learn German for beginners B1 aims to teach students to speak and understand German in a natural way while communicating with German culture.

Memrise app to learn German for beginners

It is also a very popular application that allows you to learn multiple languages ​​through the use of colorful flashcards. You can choose one of the seven German language levels and then start with these German language learning apps. The flashcards contain text and images, but they also use short videos to improve your listening skills.

There is also user-generated content, which provides a large base of flashcards – for example, a set of 5,000 frequently used German words, or sets geared towards specific language tests. It’s a very repetitive but effective system – Memrise claims to have solid science behind its method of learning.

This Learn German for beginners B1 app is great for learning vocabulary and phrases regardless of your language level, but again there is more content for beginners.

Der De Das app to learn German

If you are looking for the best German language learning apps, then as the title suggests, Der Die Das is Learn German for beginners A2 app focused on learning German articles. It has a very smooth interface but it does its job perfectly.

Through the search function, you can enter a word to find its gender, and the Grammar page also identifies articles and grammar that can help you learn it. If you aim to learn several articles at once, the tab will help you memorize them.

Learn German for beginners

Simply select your German ability level and then browse through the word list, either your own or a randomly generated list, and select the article for each word.

Wrong answers will prevent you from moving to the next round, and this continues until you have completed all of them correctly. This application is very simple but perfect for everyone who is just starting to learn German, as well as those who already have advanced abilities.

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